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Catalytic Adjuvant
Why Is Our Catalytic Adjuvant Platform Unique?
Nucleic acid-based vaccines hold promise in preventing infections and treating cancer. The most common use of this technology is to encode antigenic proteins on mRNAs that are delivered to cells using lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations.

Our Catalytic Adjuvant generates exceptional memory T cells that provide life-long immunity

Developing protective vaccines that both improve cellular immunity mediated by T cells and induce strong humoral B cell responses remains challenging. Our immunostimulatory LNPs solve this problem by inducing durable circulating antigen-specific CD8+ T cells while preserving antibody responses.

Our Catalytic Adjuvant is the only immunostimulatory protein that can be encoded by mRNA

mRNA-LNP vaccines that protect against infections are effective antigen production agents but display weak adjuvant activity. Our LNPs solve this problem by using mRNAs that encode immunostimulatory protein adjuvants that increase vaccine efficacy.

Our Catalytic Adjuvant leads DCs to be in the right place, at the right time

Our Catalytic Adjuvant is capable of stimulating DC migration to lymph nodes, where naïve and memory T cells are activated. While previous strategies to stimulate DC activities were poor inducers of migration, we ensure these apex immune regulators are in the right place, at the right time, to promote durable immunity.

Our Catalytic Adjuvant can be combined with any mRNA antigen(s) to enhance immunogenicity

Our immunostimulatory LNPs can be combined with a wide array of mRNA antigens ranging from a single mRNA-encoding antigen to a combination of mRNA-encoding antigens.

How Is the Catalytic Adjuvant Platform Used?

Our novel vaccine strategy uses a catalytic adjuvant to generate both CD8+ T cell and B cell responses for immunotherapies. The activity of our catalytic adjuvant is encoded by an mRNA that can be delivered to dendritic cells via LNPs.

The catalytic adjuvant LNPs can be combined with any off-the-shelf mRNA-LNP vaccines to promote long-lasting immunity against antigens of interest.

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